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Cloud services for businesses with Infrastructure and Backup as a Service. We optimize current solutions and help businesses make the move to the cloud. 

Reduce costs up to


Interested in AWS cloud solutions? Or looking to optimise your current solutions? Get in touch with us! We help all kinds of businesses, both small and large, from various industries, with their cloud solutions. 

Our aim is to help our customers obtain the best possible cloud solutions for their business, while saving them as many costs as possible. When managing your cloud solutions we make sure that you only pay for what you use and don't end up with tons of unused capacity. 

Cloud Migration

Cloud Optimization

We help businesses make the first time move of their IT systems to the cloud, or from another cloud provider to AWS. We help them find and select the right solutions for their business, and manage them over time.

For those who are already set up with AWS. Many businesses pay huge fees for unused space and solutions. By optimizing their cloud solutions we help them eliminate unecessary costs by up to 50 %!

We have chosen to work exclusively with Amazon Web Services (AWS), due to the reliability, flexibility and scaleability of their services. AWS servers are some of the best performing ones available, and since 2018 they offer servers located in Sweden.

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  Optimized cloud solutions

  Flexible and scaleable

  Expert support available 

Fill out the form to the right, and one of our Amazon experts will contact you to explore in what ways we may best serve you and your business. 

Manage your cloud solutions with our web & mobile app

Our application for Web, Android and iOS lets our customers easily monitor and make updates to their Slaro cloud solutions.

Monitor servers and backups

Upgrade your Slaro services 

Get notified of issues

Invite your team to the app

SLARO mobile app dashboard

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